Bekah Olson named to Ozarks Counseling Center Board of Directors

Rosie is excited to announce that member Bekah Olson has been appointed to serve on the Board of Directors of the Betty and Bobby Allison Ozarks Counseling Center.

Olson has a passion for 'telling stories that hit home for people.' She has six years of experience in content marketing, information design, and technical communication. She currently serves as a search engine optimization (SEO) specialist at Campaignium in addition to serving as a freelance writer for 417 Magazine. She is an active community member and resides in Springfield with her husband, Ben. 

The Betty and Bobby Allison Ozarks Counseling Center was established in 1952 as the Greene County Child Abuse Clinic. The first child guidance clinic in the area, it was established to treat emotional and behavioral problems of children. Not long after, the clinic expanded to serve patients of all ages and was renamed Ozarks Counseling Center. The OCC serves clients from all over southwest Missouri and from all walks of life with quality and affordable counseling. 

Bekah Olson
Rachel Anderson